Uras Tatlı

Antier, the chic clothing brand hailing from Istanbul, has been crafting bespoke kimonos since 2020 for those who live and breathe the spirit of entertainment. Our mission at Antier is not simply to provide you with just another outfit, but to offer you an entirely new experience.

We aim to reawaken the festival spirit within everyone who embraces the power of originality. Our kimonos are not confined to the deep pages of history; rather, they are designed to be worn to the beach, parties, festivals, and even in daily life – anytime and anywhere you desire – so that you can truly embody the concept behind your ensemble. Our kimonos are unlike any you’ve ever seen – with the PlayaWear concept inspired by Burning Man, we use high-quality, durable fabrics, special sewing techniques, and flawless patterns that allow you to represent your authentic lifestyle with flair. Our original and authentic designs cater to every environment, allowing you to revel in life’s most thrilling moments. Antier is here to reignite your inner gypsy and transform your everyday attire into works of art.