About Us

Uras Tatlı

Antier is a clothing brand based in Istanbul, founded in 2020, producing custom-made kimonos for those who turn entertainment into a lifestyle centered on the original production. At Antier, our goal is not only to offer you a clothing product but also to give you a new experience.

Antier creates an opportunity to rediscover himself for everyone who always keeps the festival fire alive. It offers the kimono, which has come from the deep pages of history to the beach, parties, festivals, daily life, wherever and whenever you want so that you can create combinations with the concept. Unlike the kimonos you know, it gives you the opportunity to re-present yourself and your lifestyle with the PlayaWear concept, inspired by Burning Man, with high quality, hard and full fabrics, special sewing, and perfect patterns. It offers kimonos that will reflect your style in every environment with original and authentic designs, where you can freely enjoy the hustle and bustle of life, the excitement, and the most entertaining moments.