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If a garment represents the culture and identity of a particular community, they are called ethnic clothing. Ethnic kimono is also the identity of Japanese society and representation of Asian culture. Ethnic garments with unique motifs take you on a journey deep into history.

Kimonos, pioneers of ethnic clothing, are one of the oldest remnants of the Japanese way of life. For this reason, it is highly valued and unique. These ethnic clothes, which have undergone many changes from the past to the present, have settled into the modern mold. In recent years, its awareness has increased considerably and can be used in any environment.

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Words of ethnicity or ethnicity Ancient Greeceis derived from the word ‘ethnos’, which means ‘people’. So ethnic dress is also about people. Although in ancient times the idea that ethnicity was immutable was common, people traveled and interacted with other people. This caused ethnic clothing to change shape and pattern.

Today, kimonos, which are ethnic clothes, also take their place in the textile industry with their time-keeping designs and shapes. Asian patterns, colorful kimonos place the ancient spirit in a modern mold.

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Etnik kimonolar farklı kumaş parçalarının birleştirilerek dikilmesi sonucu elde edilirdi. Bu geleneksel kıyafetler omuzdan dirseklere kadar kol kısmında geniş olurdu. Aynı şekilde omuzlardan başlar ayaklara kadar uzanırdı. Bu giysiler belirli temel özelliklerini korusa da değişime uğramış ve günümüze kadar gelmeyi başarmıştır.

Just as everything that cannot keep up with its period has disappeared, the rules and shapes of clothing have evolved constantly. Ethnic kimonos have also managed to stand at the end of their centuries-old journey. Today, kimonos of many different styles and colors are used in their most modern form.

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