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Kimonos are clothes in which the Japanese process their love and respect for nature. Flowers, trees and streams are among the elements of nature reflected in the themes chosen to decorate the kimono. All these motifs were hand-painted on kimonos. Men’s kimono is also an important part of Asia’s ethnic clothing culture.

There are many different types of kimonos for males. The unofficial type is called Yukata. It was made of cotton and mostly worn while relaxing at festivals or traditional events in summer. But official invitations, such as weddings, have more complex combinations. Each kimono has a different spirit, a mission.

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The kimono men wear to official ceremonies is called nagajuban. This kimono is again as usual obi it’s used with . This kimono model is wearing a pair of trousers and jackets called Hakama, along with haori.

Yakuta is one of the most popular kimonos known. This famous Japanese outfit is used quite often in summer. Pamk-free fabric without primer is the most suitable for dealing with the heat in summer. Although these kimonos are suitable for daily use, young men are often hanabi he wears it at fireworks festivals.

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Kimonos can vary by model and gender. Uniseks kimonos, which are used a lot today, have their own unique characteristics. Its hard fabric structure, length up to the waist, arm length ending slightly below the elbow are among the features of male kimono.

Anier kimonos do not stain easily and are very practical to clean. Because it is lightweight, it can be easily transported and conveniently stored. Kimonos, which offer comfort to the user with their interior details, adapt to any environment. You can safely use the unique kimono to accompany you wherever you want.

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Gypsy Clothes, Bohemian Cover Up, Long Tribal Caftan

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